Mi Amor Candle

  • Amor Intention Candle
  • Amor Intention Candle

Amor Intention Candle


I'm super thrilled to unveil my new candle collection, Mi Intención - My Intention. I created three beautifully-scented 12-ounce candles to help you with your manifestation and intention setting. 

This one is called Amor (love) and I wrote an affirmation for you to read or even say out loud as you light the candle. This candle is all about attracting and keeping love in our lives. The scent is sweet and decadent!

Vanilla, honey, and buttercream are the notes and this soy candle was poured right here in Phoenix, Az by master candlemaker, Curtis Parhams of Galeana 39.
Please read warning label with burning instructions on the bottom of the candle.
Approximate burn time is 80 hours, 12-ounce candle.
100% natural soy wax candle.
Small batched hand-poured. 
Phthalate-free fragrance oil and/or essential oil. 
Lead-free cotton wick. 
Vegan, eco-friendly.

  • Pay It Forward Shadow Box
  • Pay It Forward Shadow Box
  • Pay It Forward Shadow Box

Pay It Forward Shadow Box


Have you ever had one of those nights where you disconnect from the world and just sit down and create? That's the story of this piece. I was feeling some kind of way and changed my focus on all the kind people who have helped me in my life and career.

There are so many different techniques and textures in their piece, and it's trimmed in rhinestone trim so it always reminds you of the light shining on your life. It stands upright but can also be hung on the wall. 

15x12" -signed on the back!

Serape Watch Band

  • Serape Smart Watch Band

Serape Smart Watch Band


Step up your style game with a cute watchband! Tested to fit all sizes of smart watches and all series, the larger face sizes will have a tiny gap on the sides noticeable only if you're looking for it!

S/M and M/L wrists, silicone.

Fits sizes: 38mm, 40mm, 42mm, 44mm M/L Band fits 6¾"- 8 3/8" wrist

  • Beaded Spirit Pouch Necklace
  • Beaded Spirit Pouch Necklace
  • Beaded Spirit Pouch Necklace

Beaded Spirit Pouch Necklace


I bought one of these little pouches to hold an affirmation I wrote. I keep it by my bed and the next week, I open and read it and most of the time, it has come true. Whether it's for an attitude adjustment, well wishes, a promise...you can set your intention and let this little pouch take care of it for you. You can also wear it around your neck if you want!

These come in assorted colors.

Pouch measures 2x2" and the neck chain portion is 24".