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Black Oilcloth Mug
Black Oilcloth Mug

Black Oilcloth Mug

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This is what happens when you watch The Mandalorian while painting mugs! I wanted to create an oilcloth-inspired pattern and used a black background speckled with white. It looks like flowers in outer space!

But I think it looks super cool and I hop you do too!

This mug is hand painted by me (Kathy, The Crafty Chica), and it is painted inside and out.  It has a variety of colors. The inside is a light cream.

Fired in my kiln, signed on the bottom.

5 3/4" Dia. x 4" H (16 ounces)

Use and care: While you can use this in the microwave and/or dishwasher, it will last longer if you avoid those. Hand washing is suggested. *This is coming from the person who painstakingly hand painted it!*