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'Be like La Sirena' Art Print

'Be like La Sirena' Art Print

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Making waves is about using your voice and actions to effect positive change. A mermaid's movements create ripples that spread far and wide, so do your actions. No matter how small, they can have a profound impact on others and the world. 

Being a mermaid symbolizes the ability to adapt and thrive. Life is full of unpredictable tides, but by staying flexible and open-minded, you can navigate through challenges! And that tail - it is what makes la sirena stand out from the ocean crowd! Your true beauty lies in your one-of-a-kind loveable weird self. Be unapologetic about expressing who you are! Don’t just own what makes you different - celebrate it!

Dive deep into the depths of your passions and interests. Explore uncharted territories, discover new talents, and uncover your hidden potential. Remember, just like the ocean holds countless mysteries, so do you!

Honor la sirena’s spirit within you. Rise above obstacles, let your passion and determination propel you forward. Embrace your true self, dive fearlessly into your dreams, and leave a shimmery trail of positive impact wherever you go. Let the world feel the force of your presence, just like the mesmerizing waves left in the wake of a majestic mermaid!

11x14" print - comes with a cardboard backing in a plastic sleeve.