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'Estas en mi corazon' Art Print

'Estas en mi corazon' Art Print

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Estás en mi corazón (You are in My Heart) 

Digital illustration by Kathy Cano-Murillo

Estás en mi corazón - This is a reminder I will always offer support and hold space for you during a difficult or challenging time. It goes beyond “love and light” - it is deeper. Your kindness, strength, friendship, and loyalty have etched unforgettable memories within me and my spirit. Our friendship is a precious gem, illuminating the path we've walked together. You are never alone, I’m surrounding you with love and healing energy.

In the face of challenges, you are an unshakable anchor, grounding everyone around you. Now it is time for that to be reciprocated. Exhale and seek comfort for yourself. I got you. You are appreciated and loved by many, beyond what you’ve known or experienced. And of course, your guardian angels, spirit guides, and ancestors (or whatever higher power you believe in) are always watching over you.

I hope you feel the love. You are in my heart. Estás en mi corazón.

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This print is for personal use, may not be duplicated or distributed without permission. ©2023 Kathy Cano-Murillo, Crafty Chica, LLC

Measures 4.5x3.5x.75


11x14" glossy print with cardboard backing in aplastic sleeve