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Handpainted plate: Aztec Serpent & Nahui Ollin
Handpainted plate: Aztec Serpent & Nahui Ollin

Handpainted plate: Aztec Serpent & Nahui Ollin

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Honoring the symbolism of Mexico, Patrick painted the Aztec serpent around this plate, and in the center is the symbol of the Aztec universe.

The serpent

In Aztec mythology and culture, the serpent, often represented as a snake, holds significant symbolism and meaning. It is believed to represent the god Huitzilopochtli, the god of the sun, war, and human sacrifice. The serpent symbolizes his cosmic struggle against darkness, chaos, and enemies. 

Also associated with water, fertility, transformation, and rebirth - The shedding of a snake's skin was seen as a symbol of renewal and regeneration. This aligned with the cycles of agriculture and nature.

The serpent also had ties to Quetzalcoatl, often depicted as a feathered serpent, was associated with creation, wisdom, and cultural development. The duality of the serpent—both as a symbol of life and death, creation and destruction—reflected the complex and cyclical nature of Aztec cosmology and worldview.

Nahui Ollin: The Aztec universe symbol

In the Aztec worldview, the universe was believed to go through a series of epochs or eras, each with its own Nahui Ollin. Each Nahui Ollin was associated with the reign of a specific sun god, and the end of each era was marked by a catastrophic event, often symbolized by earthquakes. After each destruction, a new era would begin with a new sun god and a new cycle of creation.

This plate can be used as an art piece to be hung in a collection, or to serve food for special occasions. 

Arizona artist (and my hubby) Patrick Murillo painted this and it was fired in the kiln.

Measures 10-1/2" across. One-of-a-kind - painted with mucho love and detail!