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'Hazlo por tu Futuro' Art Print

'Hazlo por tu Futuro' Art Print

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Hazlo por futuro (Do it for your future) 

Digital illustration by Kathy Cano-Murillo

Do it for the future - or as I like to say, do it for your future self.  A call to action today for a better tomorrow. Use this powerful phrase as a guiding mantra, to guide you to  make choices that positively impact not only your life, but those around you.

You know that gut instinct you feel when it comes to making a decision? That is a message from your future self, so pay attention! 

Each small action has a ripple effect to create significant change. Transcend instant gratification (I know, sometimes it’s hard!). Strive to have a higher-self, big picture, long-term perspective. It can be cleaning your room tonight to wake up to an airy vibe tomorrow. Or writing a passage of your book idea a little bit each day. Small actions add up. 

Creative exercise - sit down and write a letter to your present self - from your future self. Talk about all the things you accomplished and how proud you are for the risks you took. And then write a letter from your present self to your past self. Note all the scary decisions you made and the life lessons you are grateful for.

Your choices matter, and the impact of your efforts extends far beyond the boundaries of the present. Overall It instills a sense of purpose and fulfillment. Let your actions today be the seeds that blossom into a future of accomplishment.

Your future self will thank you!

This print is for personal use, may not be duplicated or distributed without permission. ©2023 Kathy Cano-Murillo, Crafty Chica, LLC

Measures 4.5x3.5x.75


11x14" glossy print with cardboard backing in aplastic sleeve