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PDF File: Affirmation Collage Sheet
PDF File: Affirmation Collage Sheet

PDF File: Affirmation Collage Sheet

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Find inspiration in every corner with Crafty Chica's Affirmation Collage Sheet, featuring uplifting sayings penned and artfully illustrated by Kathy Cano-Murillo. Immerse yourself in the blend of vibrant colors and positive vibes radiating from these one-of-a-kind designs, perfect to brighten your day or the lives of those around you!

This unique product offers you 7 distinct designs, each replicated three times, for a total of 21 inspiring pieces. Handwritten with love and joy, these affirmations are designed to inject positivity into your life and projects.

Ideal for:
Party favors
Small shrines
Collage art
Random acts of kindness
Gift tags
Art journals
Vision boards
Notes for your future self

These uplifting affirmations add a personal, heartfelt touch to any project. They are great conversation starters and treasured keepsakes.

For the crafty souls, these affirmation sheets can be transformed into fascinating collage art. The vivid illustrations are sure to pop, bringing an explosion of color and energy to any piece. Create unique, personalized gifts, wall art, or simply use them to spruce up your journal or scrapbook.

Not limited to just party favors and collage art, these sheets are a versatile addition to a myriad of DIY projects. Incorporate them into your craft routine and watch as they breathe life into your creations.

Each affirmation in this set is more than just a statement. It's a good fortune, a splash of positivity, and a stroke of vibrant color. Add a touch of creativity and inspiration to your projects and events!