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'Taza de Magia' ArtPrint

'Taza de Magia' ArtPrint

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Digital illustration by Kathy Cano-Murillo. 

Cafecito brings a certain kind of magical energy, am I right? To sip and savor is to stop and reflect, dream, ponder, and ideate.

Let this magical brew illustration remind you to awaken your dreams and ignite your fire of ambition. Each drop (especially a double espresso!) holds the power to fuel your passion, propelling you towards your goals and aspirations with metaphorical caffeinated vigor.

Choose your favorite mug, brew up your best concoction - tea, coffee, even caldo -  and slow down to inhale the aroma. Give yourself an internal peptalk. You are a vessel of potential and creativity. Embrace your one-of-a-kindness…, it’s the source of your magic! Let your ideas flow and swirl about like the coffee's aroma, spreading positivity and wonder wherever you go.

May your cup always bring warmth and comfort,and  let your presence do the same. Radiate good vibes when it feels right to do so. Share your passions, they have the power to uplift hearts and brighten souls.

The world awaits the enchanting magic that only you can bring, so go forth and let your brilliance shine, leaving a trail of awe and wonder wherever you tread. 

Cheers to the magic within you!

This print is for personal use, may not be duplicated or distributed without permission. ©2023 Kathy Cano-Murillo, Crafty Chica, LLC

 4.5x3.5x.75" Printed canvas wrapped around a wood block. Comes with a wire on back to hang. 


11x14" glossy print with a cardboard backing and plastic sleeve.